The increase in the demand for accommodation, especially for working women, students, men, etc., the need for hostels has become essential nowadays. In this digital era, people now, especially students and working people are now fond of digital platforms, especially for mobile apps, for searching for accommodation based on their needs. In the scenario accommodation providers must adapt to different marketing strategies, especially in the digital medium. Hence digital presence for hostels has been increasingly utilized to market themselves in distinct and unique ways thereby attracting potential guests. As per the google analytics, the search word hostels near me is the most searched one, from which we can understand the demand for hostels in India.

Nowadays the patience in many people is decreasing so it is better to send the confirmation of their reservation immediately after booking. As they will be eager to know about the confirmation of bed, try to provide them within 2 to 3 hours from the time of booking. Make sure that you maintain proper communication on the website through an email/ telephone/ mobile number so that they contact you directly. Mention the timings which you are available to attend the calls or emails etc. Few of the sites are also using what’s app as their communication. Online chatting is also an effective way to outsource your bookings.

But booking additional services through mobile apps is a forthcoming fashion. Traffic from mobile travel apps is indeed much less compared to web traffic, but it’s gradually growing. Reports show that total income from travel sales done through smartphones has grown by 110% for the year 2017 and is also expected to rise over the years. At the same time, it is expected that desktop sales shall equalize mobile sales by 2020.

Though the hostel’s website is the best platform for online presence, mobile apps are giving way on their heels. Soon, it would be tedious enough to get detected and stay highly competitive with a single website. For instance, 65% of tourists who prefer booking rooms for the same day opt to use mobile apps android and iPhone. At the same time, 30% of all travel reservations is made via smartphones. So, hostel app development will be a decent plan to boost the PG business.