Are you a Hostel owner and finding difficulties to manage your hostels and PGs with your manual setup?

We understand its really hard to manage the hostels in book records. Therefore to reduce all the physical effort we are introducing the Hostel management app which is developed specifically for hostel owners to manage the day to day operations of any hostels.

Benefits of Hostel Management App

Reduce manual errors
A hostel management app basically streamlines the whole nine yards of your hostel This reduces management hours of your hostels because all hostel management related activities will be taken care of by the Hostel management app.

Your operations are completely automated with zero manual errors, you get a chance to focus on your renters and you have all the time to focus on your other services.

Hostel management software includes Automate services
a complete management system of hostel’s inquiry, follow-ups, hostel allotment, room, bed allocation, mess, disciplinary log, check-in, check-out and many more. It eases the workflow of Hostel operations and maintains a centralized tracking system of all business functions.

Data Security
You no need to worry about losing your handwritten tenant records. Now owners can easily manage all the data in the Hostel Management app. It also allows the data to be accessed virtually from anywhere on the internet with secure login.

Online Presence
Through the hostel management app, owners can manage online reputation, reviews, services and showcase their property. In current time almost everybody using the internet to get an insight about any service e.g. reviews/forums. This will be easy for renters to make a decision about your hostels. Now you can avoid unnecessary anytime calls from the tenants.

There are other advantages to embracing modern technology for your business.
Most people (especially the younger generation) prefer to book accommodation online and in advance.  Not being on such online platforms, owners may lose their potential business and target audience.

Save Money
The owner can reduce their spending to manage their hostel management activities. In the old fashioned way, the owner has to have one or multiple guys to show their property to the tenants. But with hostel management app owners can list their property photos, services,  every small information online. This will reduce unnecessary labor costs.

Data Collection for better services
Mobile users aren’t just watching photos on Instagram or reading tweets. They are also using their smartphones to plan their accommodations. 38% of smartphone users have used their devices to plan and book hostels while 60% confirmed they have downloaded hostels management apps.

Hostel management apps collect all the data and queries coming from tenants. This data, the owners can use to get to know tenants’ preferences and what kinds of services they like to improve for their business.