Pg and hostel apps help you to experience comfortable living inside your Pg, hostel or flat and resolve your complaints anytime you want. Also, It is a known fact that finding hostels & pgs in different cities is a thrill ride since individuals need to spend numerous days in searing sun and pollution to find a hostel & pg of their choices and most of these House Hunts end up intensely difficult with long strolls in sun, acting as air filters absorbing pollution, squabbling with the property owners, getting tricked by brokers and the list goes on. Thousands of people face the same problem of finding better Hostels/PGs etc.

Being in a new town or place, there will be every possibility that we may get cheated with false commitments. Our app will give you detailed information about the staying facilities and ensures the transparency of your data. You can easily select and compare different accommodation options.

Livet makes it easy to find a PG, roommates, search flatmates, rooms, house rentals, rooms for rent, paid guests, rent flat, flatshare, coliving and provides you with in-depth and much-needed information about hostels and pgs. Choose from many social logins to make your profile and update roommate preferences, look for flatmates supported personal interests and living preferences

With this app users can book a hostel, pg, falt online, speak to host, open for pay at the property and flexible options to choose daily or monthly, hostel, PG and many more options. Everything is often done at the fingertips with assured and verified service.