Lessons from hostel life by Livet

Hostel life is always an adventurous ride where you will have some of the best and some of the worst experiences in hostels. Once in a while, you will think that you should have never come here in the first place, but trust us Hostel’s life will teach you so many things which will be beneficial for your whole life after all hostel life is full of learnings.

Here are some perks of hostel life:

Saving money is the first thing you will learn when you live in a hostel/pg/flat. Staying away from home and living independently makes you understand the importance of money.

You Manage without Parents  The biggest thing you will learn to manage like you manage your work, life, friendships, etc.  In hostels, you rise and you fall but eventually, learn everything on your own.

It makes you strong and Confident Hostel is a place where you need to live alone from your families. You need to be stronger and confident than before when you live away from your home. Thus now you can say hostel life helps you to be strong and confident in your life as it teaches you to live away from your home

Time Management, You will learn to manage time, prioritize your work, schedule tasks as no one is going to help you when you live away from home.

Hostel food doesn't allow you to be a picky eater, The unappetizing food of hostel mess increases your immunity for tasteless food. It even makes you crave Ghar ka karela. Even that becomes to your liking. You start liking your mother’s home-cooked food.

You will meet new friends & People, Hostel life also allows you to make new friends and meet new peoples, understand their culture, understand their languages, get familiar with them and the most important to share your thoughts with them.

You will learn to manage your time efficiently also prioritize your work accordingly.

You will learn the art of healthy competition, Hostels life tends to develop healthy competition and mutual cooperations among hostellers.

You will learn the Management, When allotted a small almirah and a single bed, you know very well how to make use of every nook and corner. Even a little space can serve a great purpose. From clothes and space to sleeping hours and money, you become adept at taking care of everything on your own.

Unavailability of basic facilities does not bother you The power cuts during summer, the lack of bathwater, the dearth of hot water during the winter. These become a part of one’s daily routine and what emerges is a pro at adjustment in any pitiful condition.